Catch ’em all again! New Pokémon Switch game anticipated to be released as early as this year

Company’s recruitment page tells us we won’t have long to wait to collect the little critters all over again.

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Classic 16-bit Nintendo controllers get modern makeover for use with Switch, current-gen consoles

Everything old is new again with these awesome reimaginings of the beloved Super NES and Super Famicom pads.

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Nintendo Switch has hidden NES emulator, accessed with two tributes to the late President Iwata

Two years after his passing, Satoru Iwata remains an important part of Nintendo’s video game vision.

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Months after launch, Nintendo Switch continues to cause block-long lines at stores in Japan【Pics】

Stores hold drawings to randomly award customers the right to buy coveted video game system.

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Awesome Japanese dad gives son’s handmade cardboard Switch a massive, heartwarming upgrade【Pics】

Loving parent pulls the switch with Nintendo-loving son’s latest creative project.

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Dude for a day – Japanese women describe the things they’d most like to do if they were guys

What would you do if you could be a member of the opposite sex for a day? I for one would make it my first priority to get on those “women only” cars on Tokyo’s rail network and see how sweet it really is, as well as observe how all the female commuters act without men around. Next, I’d walk into any store frequented by hardcore otaku and freak the guys out just by being there, then I’d spend the evening hitting the bars I usually frequent and see how many free drinks I can score.

Posed with the same question, a group of 300 women in Japan aged 21-33 shared their thoughts on the matter, their answers ranging from the usual “pee standing up” to some surprisingly saucy suggestions.

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