Penguins are, without a doubt, one of the cutest animals in the world. This is not a statement that many people would even think to argue with–it’s as close to an obvious truth as you can get without breaking out the math! But we may have found a way to up the cuteness quotient for penguins from just “exceptionally cute” to “brain-asplodey cute.”

How? Simple: Set them jogging after their (human) crush!

▼ “Hey! Wait for me!”


Meet Sakura-chan, a female cape penguin who lives at Matsue Vogel Park in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. The park is an expansive indoor garden–one of the largest in the world–featuring numerous types of flowers and birds from all over the planet.

But let’s cut to the chase–you’re not here for the park. You’re here for the cute penguin!

▼ “No, Sakura, I have to work!”


In a post on the park’s official blog, readers were introduced to the adorable penguin–and learned a little secret perfect for Valentine’s Day. You see, Sakura-chan has been struck by Cupid’s arrow–but her beau isn’t of the avian type. No, her love crosses every biological boundary we can imagine. You see, this little cutie is head-over-heels for…one of the human staff members! She’s so smitten with the caretaker that she can’t bear to be away from him and will scuttle after the worker even when he tries to run away.

▼ “I just want you to loooooooove me!”


▼ “Awww…I can’t say no to you!”


In a top ten list of cutest things in the world, human-chasing, love-lorn penguins would surely be very near the top spot. But don’t take our word for it. Check out all the romantic action in the video below!

According to the penguin’s reluctant lover, as fast as Sakura-chan is in the video, she can apparently run even faster! Which makes her at least twice as fast as this writer…

So how about our human readers? Will you be chasing any (hopefully not reluctant) lovers this Friday? If so, be sure to flap as you waddle–that seems to help with balance.

Sources: Matsue Vogel Park blog via Pleated Jeans, YouTube
Images: Matsue Vogel Park blog