The “Wedding Ceremony of Dreams” is being billed as a historical first.

Japan’s Puroland amusement park is a mecca for fans of Hello Kitty and all her Sanrio friends. Located in Tokyo’s Tama district, Puroland even offers wedding plans, where you and your beloved can get married with Kitty-chan as one of your guests.

This week, though, Puroland is offering a wedding service unlike any they’ve ever provided before, as it’ll hold its first wedding ceremonies between people and Sanrio characters.

On June 10, Sanrio will hold two iterations of what it’s calling “The Wedding Ceremony of Dreams,” which will take place in the park’s Fairy Land Theater, the same venue it uses for human-human marriages.

While the names of the human spouses-to-be have not been revealed, Puroland has said that one man and one woman, the winners of a randomized drawing among applicants, will be getting married to the Sanrio characters of their choice, with one human exchanging vows of eternal love with grumpy penguin Badtz-Maru, and the other tying the knot with chubby puppy Cinnamonroll. Both Badtz-Maru and Cinnamonroll are male, making this another example of Puroland’s accepting stance towards same-sex romance.

In addition to exchanging vows, the Sanrio-spouses-to-be will also be presented with specially made wedding rings for the non-legally-binding event. Hello Kitty herself will also be in attendance during the ceremony, though hopefully she’ll keep from dropping any F-bombs to help keep the weddings classy affairs.

Source: PR Times
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