There has been a lot of news over the record snowfalls in many parts of Japan. However, from people all along the Northwestern coast and in Hokkaido a collective “What about us?” could be heard.

As a reminder, one Hokkaido resident tweeted out this photo of their local Lawson. We’re sure of that because the sign is the only visible part on the store. It looks as if it worked too as the photo is currently doing the rounds on the internet and getting retweeted over 16,000 times.

In Hokkaido the shelves were not all bought out in a panic for this impending snowfall. At least we assume not since no one could get inside it. And there were no clever snowmen built. Oh, wait a minute, is that one there?!


The photo was tweeted along with the caption: “Tokyo and Osaka are making a lot of noise about snow, but let’s take a look at a day in the life of a Hokkaido Lawson.” The tweet was met with a national response of people saying, “That’s exactly Hokkaido.” They also wondered, “How much does that snow weigh?” and thought, “Good thing it doesn’t crush the cars.”

This photo stands as another testament to the awesome power of nature, but I’m left with an unusually strong urge to go eat some sushi from Lawson for some reason.

Source: Twitter via Byokan Sunday (Japanese)