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Google Translate, the tech giant’s online language translation service, is not always perfect (for example, translating “twenty” from English to Japanese gives us “20”), but it’s a nice, not to mention free, tool that’s available to anyone with an internet connection. Aside from being very useful, the site is also entertaining with plenty of funny tricks to be found, like how to make Google Translate beatbox.

Here’s another trick to add to the list! Just translate a bunch of dots into Japanese and you’ll be treated to a hilarious, and somewhat melodic, interpretation of those little round symbols that perch at the end of our sentences.

The trick comes to us from Facebook and has already spread to sites across Japan. Here’s the original post:

Everyone go do this today. You will not regret it.

1. Open Google translate. (
2. Input some dots (…………….).
3. Select “Japanese”.
4. Click “Listen”.
5. Laugh like an idiot.

Sound like too much work? We thought you might say that. If you’re not interested in trying this out yourself, but you still want to hear whatever it is that’ll make you “laugh like an idiot,” simply click on the video below (just make sure your speakers are turned up!).

The best part about this is you can choose how many dotto’s you hear. Input just one period and you’ll be treated to a single dotto. Spice it up with three and, you guessed it, “dotto dotto dotto” will sing out from your computer. Mash down your period key and you’ll hear a symphony of “dotto’s” so annoying, your mother will slap you.

We’ve tried this trick out with every other language offered on Google Translate, but only Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, and Serbian generate any sound if you input multiple dots. Sorry, no video this time, you’ll have to try it out on your own! And be sure to swing back around to Japanese for an extra laugh.

Source: Himasoku
Image: Google (edited by RocketNews24)