The always delicious Karaage-kun combines with another of Japan’s favorite comfort foods for an irresistible offer.

Like any convenience store chain in Japan, there’s a lot of tasty stuff on the shelves at branches of Lawson. The most tempting treat, though, is up at the counter, where you’ll find the packs of Karaage-kun fried chicken.

The delicious bite-sized morsels are always available in both standard and spicy “Red” flavors, and there’s also a constantly changing selection of seasonal flavors too. And while we enjoyed both the Black Hole and Final Fantasy Limit Break Karaage-kun that were previously available, we’re extra excited for Lawson’s latest innovation: ramen-flavored fried chicken!

For this amazing crossover, Lawson is teaming up with popular ramen restaurant chain Korakuen. Specifically, the new 216-yen (US$2.05) Karaage-kun is modeled on the flavorful soy broth of Korakuen’s signature chuka soba-style ramen, which enhances the flavor of the noodle dish’s meat and vegetables, and also has a hint of menma (fermented bamboo shoots) for just the right touch of complexity.

The Korakuen ramen Karaage-kun is just one part of the team-up between the two companies, which will also see Korakuen ramen and stir-fry side dishes available in Lawson’s pre-made food corner. There’re even Korakuen ramen-flavored potato chips on the way as part of a tri-team effort with Japanese chip master Calbee for 168 yen.

Korakuen Karaage-kun is on sale now, and the ramen chips arrive on December 15, just in time to make Christmas especially merry.

Source: PR Times via Iza via Livedoor News via Otakomu
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