If the popularity of Bing Crosby’s famous holiday song is any indication, many people all over the world are dreaming of a white Christmas. But according to the past 30 years of snowfall data, several prefectures in Japan will almost surely be unable to hear sleigh bells in the snow.

Take a look at the following map created by Japanese weather site Tenki.jp to find out if the area of Japan you live in will have a white Christmas!


The numbers hovering over each prefecture indicates how often snow fell on Christmas Eve from 1984 to 2013. As you can see, the heart of Hokkaido had a white Christmas 100 percent of the time, while areas of the southernmost islands of Kyushu and Shikoku rarely, and sometimes never, woke up to fresh snow on Christmas morning. Tokyo and its neighbors also had a snowless Christmas for the past 30 years, while Osaka only had a slightly better record of snow 7 percent of the time.

How did your neck of the Japanese woods fare? Is it likely you’ll be opening presents with a world of white outside? Even if you don’t have a picturesque Christmas, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Source: Hamusoku
Featured image: Flickr (Takeshi Kuboki)

Image: Tenki.jp