kairo (10)

In one of the most vicious cases of deja vu we’ve had in decades, the twin of the massive snowstorm that dumped on Japan last weekend swung through the country with another few inches of snow on Friday. Unfortunately, in Tokyo at least, we also got enough rain to melt half of the snow, turning everything into a freezing, wet mess. Ah, winter!

As you can imagine, quite a few people are taking the opportunity to lock themselves inside and practice their “brrrrrrr” faces. But not the esteemed writers on the Japanese side of RocketNews24! They decided the snow was the best environment to find out if 100 adhesives warmers work as well as a coat. See the awkward results of the test below!

On Friday, Go, one of our handsome, young writers, decided to see if covering himself with kairo adhesive warmers was an effective way of combating the cold.

▼Go showing off packs of “kairo,” or warmers, soon to plastered over his body.

kairo (1)

The first step was applying over a hundred of the adhesive warming patches to Go. Well, not directly to our esteemed writer, but to some eye-catching, full-body tights. Once finished, he said it was like “being inside of a futon.” Which is exactly where we’d love to spend winter days, so this might be a great way to maintain that “in bed” feeling even once you’re out of bed!

kairo (2)

▼Mr. Sato helping out…or possibly trying to start a tickle fight.

kairo (3)

▼Go, looking like a warmer version of Indiana Jones.

kairo (4)

▼Don’t worry, Go, at least you won’t have to fight any snakes!

kairo (5)

Once the application process was finished, the testing began. But, of course, you can’t really test something designed to keep you warm in the tropical-paradise interior of the RocketNews24 Japan office! So, we decided to send our reporter out into the snow to get some coffee. That way we could warm him up on the inside as well as the outside!

▼Hate to see you leave, but love to watch you go!

kairo (6)

▼Umbrellas in a snow storm? Must be in Japan!

kairo (7)

Striding through the wind and the flurries, Go made it to a nearby Starbucks and ordered himself a caramel macchiato–and gave the barista a good laugh. Once his order was up, it was time to take the party back outside!

▼Stimulating the economy, bringing cheer to baristas, and looking sexy for the ladies?
Check, check, and double check!

kairo (8)

Sitting on a frigid bench as snow blew around him, our brave writer tried to enjoy his hot drink. But how long could he last??

▼Let the “Who Can Sit on this Frozen Bench the Longest” race begin!

kairo (9)

Well…not very long it turned out. As great as hot coffee and a hundred-plus warmers are, they’re just no match for the biting wind! After only a few minutes, Go gave up, saying it was unbearable.

kairo (10)

▼Go and company moments before abandoning the quest.

kairo (11)

So what did we learn from this experiment? Well, several things. One, even once you’ve plastered yourself with warmers, they tend to come unstuck, which can be a real pain. Two, walking around outside covered in warmers is just plain embarrassing. And, three, it costs several thousand yen (several tens of dollars) to buy enough warmers to cover your whole body. So it’s definitely not cost-effective.

▼Video proof of Go freezing his butt off below! It’s sure to warm your heart.

In other words, it turns out that using one or two under a coat is the best way application for adhesive warmers. Which, it turns out, is pretty much what the instructions on the package say. Hunh, who would have guessed?

All images by RocketNews24