Who needs self-respect when you can stay warm?

A long motorbike ride can be downright incredible, but also a rather uncomfortable experience when winter comes around. Riders find themselves at the mercy of the elements, and the winter cold bites deep as freezing winds constantly flow through gaps in clothing.

China has come up with an answer to that in the form of a specialized body jacket designed for scooters. Covering the entirety of the rider’s front, the waterproof jacket provides unparalleled protection against wind, water, dirt and snow.

▼ Fellow drivers are in for a shock when they see you in the rearview mirror though.

▼ It also has reflective bands to alert others of your awkward presence.

The cotton jacket covers the rider’s hands, comes with a little pouch to store items, and costs a mere 29.90 yuan (US$4.50) through online retailer Tmall. Worn together with a helmet, you’d look like you brought your bed along for the ride. But hey, at least you stay warm right?

▼ The accessory comes in several designs, none of which
makes the rider look any less like a mattress.

While there’s no denying the insulation it affords, the same thing can’t be said of its safety. The thing does seem rather bulky and cumbersome, making traveling at higher speeds an extremely dangerous affair. What’s worse is that the product’s page also advocates using the jacket with children.

▼ Safety is probably not their biggest concern.

Despite the obvious drawbacks of the jacket, the product has garnered rave reviews from customers, some of whom use them regularly even when riding bicycles in the freezing cold. Perhaps there’s something we’re missing, but consuming 16 Kairo tablets at one go ought to keep people warmer and safer than this.

Source, images: Tmall
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