In an age of smartphones where everyone has a digital camera in their back pocket, the distinctly 21st-century form of entertainment that is the reaction video has become an art unto itself. On YouTube, you can watch a little girl going crazy with excitement as her family tells her they are going to Disneyland; teens reacting to viral videos; even people who are pretending to be other people reacting to things. Gogglebox, a UK television series which consists of footage of people watching TV in their own living rooms, is about to go global, with Chinese and American versions in the pipeline. We are watching people watching, and in our millions.

There is another type of reaction video, too: fans of anime who post videos of themselves watching the latest episode in real time. Reaction videos of English-speaking fans watching Attack on Titan have been making waves on the internet. These YouTubers are almost as animated as the videos they watch, so join us as we enjoy six of the best!

Attack on Titan, for the uninitiated (where have you been?), is a post-apocalyptic manga and anime series in which humanity has been devastated by giant humanoid Titans. Its English version currently tops the Amazon.com manga bestseller list, and the anime has achieved unprecedented popularity in the English-speaking anime world. Reaction videos are just one wonderful way its fans like to show their appreciation online!

  • 1. Faital

Arguably the king of the Attack on Titan reaction fan video. His mind-blown reaction to the ending of Episode 5 has been watched almost 600,000 times.



  • 2. TheHerokid42

As well as videos of himself, this guy also films his dad reacting to anime (sometimes secretly). Next time you get bored of watching TV with your dad, why not watch with someone else’s dad instead?

“C’mon, let Eren fight!!!”


▼ “Oh my god! He’s just gotten bitten in half.”


  • 3. kikyo303

This girl’s excitement is infectious! We guarantee your anime experience will be more fun with her as your viewing companion.



▼ “He’s ready to bust her entire face in!”


Jump to 1:52 for the start of the episode:


  • 4. LilacMemories

British high-schooler and anime fangirl, who also has some neat videos doing things like making her boyfriend watch J-pop music videos.



  • 5. VioletMoon29

University student who shoots manga and anime reviews, as well as reaction vids like this one.

▼ “Woah, they just blew their heads off!


▼”They got him? Why’d they have to kill him?!”



  • 6. RenRenSnow

Another high-schooler and Attack on Titan enthusiast. Bonus points for owning a Pikachu onesie, too.

▼ “YAYYYYYYYY! That’s the best chase ever, WOOOOOO!!!”


▼”Run, Annie, run!”


And finally, we bring you two awesome fan versions of the Attack on Titan opening theme, Guren no yumiya (‘Crimson Bow and Arrow’).

From YouTuber 331Erock, it’s Guren no yumiya: METAL VERSION!

And from Daichi Beatboxer, an inspired vocal percussion version. This guy has all kinds of beatbox covers on his YouTube, from ‘Call Me Maybe’ to Beethoven.

Proof (if ever it were needed) that Attack on Titan fans are geniuses! Thank you, YouTube, for giving these amazing individuals a platform!

Source: News Post Seven
Videos: Faital, TheHerokid42, kikyo303, LilacMemories, VioletMoon29, RenRenSnow, 331Erock, Daichi Beatboxer, via YouTube.