Leave it to Japan to make a bowl of rice absolutely adorable. The Volkswagen Japan official Facebook page has recently been the topic of conversation on the net thanks to the publication of a bowl of chirashi-zushi, or “scattered sushi”, with the image of a VW Beetle. However, that’s not the only edible auto to show up on the site.

The sushi is complete with cherry blossom and salmon roe skies and a green Chrysanthemum leaf road, giving the scene a lovely spring feel. The car itself is made of lightly fried egg, seaweed, and cheese.

Japanese Facebook users were enthusiastic about the German company’s food creation, commenting, “Publish the recipe!” and “Can you do the Touareg too?” The Beetle chirashi-zushi was made in celebration of Hina-matsuri, or Girls’ Day, but we’re sure boys will love a car made out of sushi as well.

The Volkswagen Japan Facebook page is no stranger to photos of VW cars made out of food. The company has also showcased a miniature Beetle made out of mikan oranges. What will they think of next?


Images: Volkswagen Japan Facebook page (1, 2)
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