A sushi bowl by any other name wouldn’t sound as sweet.

There are some people in Japan who will look at the image above and know exactly what it is because it’s been featured on television programmes numerous times in the past.

Our reporter Yuuichiro Wasai, however, didn’t even know this product existed until he caught wind of it online, where people had been raving about it for its taste and looks…and its unusual name.

▼ The product name, on the side of the package, is written in katakana as “ドリームプレィティミルフィーユ”, which reads, “Dream Pretty Mille-feuille”.

The katakana script is used for loan words and phonetic renderings, giving this product an exotic charm, as it reads the way it’s pronounced in English. However, though it looks like a Mille-feuille pastry from France — and a pretty one at that, with its tightly bound layers — this box is actually filled with the savoury flavours of raw seafood. 

All the seafood ingredients are pretty and dreamy, and carefully selected by its creators — Sousaku Sushi Dokoro Takimoto, which translates as “Creative Sushi Joint Takimoto“.

▼ The store is located on the first basement floor of the Daimaru Tokyo department store.

While sushi bowls usually contain raw seafood on top of a bed of rice, Takimoto’s mille-feuilles layer the ingredients, so you have vinegared rice, then seafood, then rice, and then seafood again. The store sells a variety of so-called “sushi mille-feuilles”, with the Dream Pretty Mille-feuille, priced at 1,595 yen (US$11.41), being the most popular.

In Japan, “人気 No.1” indicates a store’s top-selling product.

With expensive items like crab and abalone included in the pack, the Dream Pretty Mille-feuille is good value for money. As for the store’s second most popular product, that accolade goes to the “Zeitaku Mille-feuille” (“Luxury Mille-feuille”), priced at 1,890 yen.

Those with more money to spend will want to go for the Crab, Sea Urchin, Salmon Roe Premium Mille-feuille, for 2,980 yen.

The delicious Mille-feuilles are a fun and unusual way to enjoy sushi for lunch or dinner. However, if you’re looking for a sushi cake fit for a special occasion, this specialty store has miniature delights that look like jewels, and this store sells birthday cakes that have to be seen to be believed. Long live the sushi cake revolution!

Store information
Sousaku Sushi Dokoro Takimoto / 創作鮨処タキモト
Address: Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-9-1, Tokyo Daimaru Tokyo B1F
東京都千代田区丸の内1-9-1 大丸東京店 B1F
Hours: 10:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m. (weekdays); 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. (Sat, Sun and public holidays)

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