A few weeks ago, Häagen-Dazs began treating Japan to a special edition Rose flavored ice cream. While it was pretty delicious overall, many people felt it tasted too similar to a bathroom air freshener.

This came as a surprise to people from countries more accustomed to rose flavored treats as well as Kracie. This confectionary company had been selling rose flavored candies and rose water mix for years. So, starting 3 March they are releasing their own Fuwarinka Ice which not only tastes like a rose but also empowers your body with its lovely aroma.

Fuwarinka Ice is based on Kracie’s previous Fuwarikan brand of rose-flavored soft candies. They contain Damask rose oil which the maker says not only pleases the tongue with a unique sweet and sour taste but also freshens your breath and sweat with its pleasant scent.

This latest ice cream incarnation, however, is a sorbet flavored with geraniol, a main component of rose oil. This is then coated with a creamy pink chocolate to provide a creamy smooth compliment to the juicy and pungent sorbet. Kracie also claims that it “can cause the smell of a rose to come from inside your body.” This claim sure sounded great and I was excited to try some when 3 March finally rolled around. In the name of science I rolled around in a drainage ditch to put this snack body-odor enhancing powers to the test and headed to my local supermarket to buy some. However, after going to four supermarkets, one drug store, and five convenience stores there was no Fuwarinka Ice on sale. I even had my food porn studio all ready to go. I opted for a classy tatami backdrop to compliment this sophisticated treat.

But alas there was no treats to be had, and I’m stuck here smelling like 5W-30 and frog pee.

A pack of seven frozen snacks goes for 150 yen (US$1.48) and can be found at supermarkets, convenience stores and drug stores all over the country – unless you live near me. Apparently then you’re screwed.

Source: Kracie, Yahoo! News Japan, Entabe (Japanese)