Made by a well-established Japanese company, these authentic socks are sure to give your ninja career a head start.

The Japanese ninja proficiency test has just wrapped up this year, churning out more shadow warriors and keeping the art of stealth alive.

Those who missed the annual examination might want to prepare for the next one with the help of Japanese company Kuruwa, and their traditional ninja tabi socks. Melding into shadows requires proper attire after all.

▼ Remain cloaked in darkness effortlessly with a pair of these, priced at 3,000 yen (US$26.44).

Kuruwa boasts a long history — 135 years to be exact — of creating tabi, which are specialized ankle-high Japanese socks that come with a split separating the big toe from other toes, and are ideal when worn with traditional Japanese thonged footwear like geta.

The Japanese company claims that modern day sewing machines aren’t able to recreate a tabi’s three-dimensional feel, and thus uses machines which are well over 50 years old to produce them. Prospective shadow warriors will truly be wearing stealthy footwear filled with history and tradition.

The ninja tabi’s nylon exterior provides maximum flexibility, while the cotton interior keeps your feet comfortable and warm on cold nights.

▼ Handy velcro straps at the rear allow shadow warriors
to slip into them easily and swiftly.

Perfect for ninja cosplays and comfortable enough for everyday use, invest in a pair of these to make risky midnight raids on fridges a walk in the park. With that said, we’re pretty sure police caught the 74-year-old Japanese ninja simply because he wasn’t wearing them.

Source, images: @Press

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