Japan Ninja Council wants to give visitors their first steps down the path of the shinobi.

Asakusa is considered the most historical neighborhood in Tokyo, largely due to its temples and the remaining connections to shops, inns, and restaurants that sprang up to meet the needs of visiting worshippers. As of this month, though, Asakusa has another connection to Japan’s past with the opening of the Ninja Information Center Tokyo & Dojo.

Established and administered by the Japan Ninja Council, the highest authority for all things shinobi-related, the facility is located just a block away from Kaminarimon, the gate that marks the approach path to the district’s famous Sensoji Temple. As the name implies, the Ninja Information Center Tokyo & Dojo is a hands-on place to learn about the culture of feudal Japan’s shadow warriors, offering introductory lessons in a variety of ninja skills.

Led by certified ninja Tsuyoshi Igarashi (pictured above), disciples for the day can train in one of three courses. The 40-minute Ninja Experience includes instruction on shuriken throwing, kujikuri ninja hand signals, and an explanation of the ninja’s most vital espionage and infiltration equipment.

Those looking to further hone their skills can opt for the 60-minute Short Nindo Experience, which introduces techniques for moving silently and additional meditation practice, all while dressed in appropriate ninja garb. Finally, the 90-minute Long Nindo Experience covers everything from the Short Nindo course, and also features kodachi (short sword) training, methods to enhance your sensory perception, and more comprehensive guidance in the art of stealth.

The Ninja Experience is priced at 2,200 yen (US$20), while the Nindo Experiences are priced at 7,700 and 9,900 yen, with the added perk that Nindo participants can take their ninja uniform home with them. Though walk-ins, space permitting, are welcome for the Ninja Experience, reservations are recommended, and they’re required for the Nindo Experiences, because even ninja don’t like being taken by surprise.

Location information
Ninja Information Center & Dojo Tokyo
Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Kaminarimon 2-17-8, Yamano Asakusa building 6th floor
東京都台東区雷門2-17-8 山野浅草ビル6階

Source: PR Times, Ninja Information Center & Dojo Tokyo
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, Ninja Information Center & Dojo Tokyo
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