How often do you wash your denim jeans? Some people, including famous fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, say you should never wash them, while others are absolutely grossed out by the thought of wearing a pair of bacteria-loaded pants for months on end. Not to mention, some of these bacteria cause odors that will make people think you just climbed out of a dumpster.

What should you do if you wish to keep your favorite jeans broken in, while ensuring that they don’t carry some hideous stench? You should read on.

Even world-renowned jeans maker Levi’s advocates that you should wash your denim “as little as possible”, and if ever needed, they should only be hand-washed in cold water to avoid shrinking and fading. It’s not the easiest thing to find the perfect pair of jeans that looks, feels and fits the exact way you like them, so it totally sucks to find your favorite pair shrunken or looking drab after a few spins in the washing machine. Double the despair if that pair set you back by a few hundred dollars to begin with.

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But fabric is bound to soak up some sweat and dirt with everyday usage, even if all you do is sit around on the couch all day. Over time, your jeans are bound to start smelling like an old sock. How, then, is it possible to keep your denim jeans looking fabulous and smelling like a fresh pair? Easy. Throw them in the freezer!

Most of the bacteria having a party in our jeans can be killed by low temperature, and by getting rid of those pesky microorganisms, you’re eliminating the odors they cause as well. All you have to do to kill the bacteria, is to put your jeans in the freezer overnight. If there’s a need for you to put them in a bag so that they’re not rubbing up against some frozen burger patty, it’s recommended that you put them in a canvas or cloth bag instead of a plastic bag so that the textile can breathe.

However, if your jeans really get dirty from, say, falling into a muddy puddle or spilling a cup of coffee over them, do the world a favor and wash them properly according to the care instructions. Nobody would want to sit next to a guy or girl with blotchy, smelly jeans.

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