Legendary anime voice actress Megumi Hayashibara wins Japan’s Best Jeanist Award【Video】

Voice of Faye, Rei, and Lina is saluted for denim excellence, takes stage in unique jeans with a Pokémon connection.

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Does a denim kimono look or feel good? Our kimono neophyte reporter finds out【Photos】

East meets West, but do they get along?

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The secret to making cats love you: This one brand of Japanese jeans, believers say

Your wallet will love Uniqlo’s ultra-affordable sister brand, and some say cats will too.

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DIY-ers in Japan find awesome and adorable ways to recycle denim jeans 【Pics】

Just because your jeans don’t fit anymore doesn’t mean they belong in the trash!

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New documentary reveals the world of Japanese denim【Video】

This movie shows why Japanese jeans are widely considered the best in the world.

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Zoo Jeans from Japan uses denim marked with the claws and teeth of lions

The venture is being promoted by a local branch of Loft chainstores to help revitalise the Tohoku area.

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Inakaya Denim jeans are the latest farm-fresh Japanese-inspired fashion item

G-Star Raw is ready to take this design out of the fields.

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Old West meets Far East with the denim kimono and samue

It’s hard to find a more Japanese piece of clothing than the yukata, the lightweight kimono worn in the summer. Over on the other side of the Pacific, there are few more iconic symbols of American fashion than blue jeans. So what happens when you put the two together?

You get the denim yukata.

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Denim ice cream, burgers and steamed buns now on sale from Japan’s jeans capital

About three hours from Tokyo on the bullet train is a beautifully preserved area in Okayama Prefecture’s Kurashiki known as the Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter. Set alongside a picturesque canal, the district has long been known for its traditional storehouses and shops, but now it’s looking to celebrate one of its most profitable exports – denim.

With more than 100 family-run indigo and dyeing factories operating throughout the prefecture, denim has long been an important part of area’s economy. And what better way to celebrate the locally made textile than with a selection of special foods? Come with us as we show you what burgers, ice cream and steamed buns look like when crafted in a denim blue hue.

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Don’t wanna ruin your favorite pair of jeans? Put ’em in the freezer!

How often do you wash your denim jeans? Some people, including famous fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, say you should never wash them, while others are absolutely grossed out by the thought of wearing a pair of bacteria-loaded pants for months on end. Not to mention, some of these bacteria cause odors that will make people think you just climbed out of a dumpster.

What should you do if you wish to keep your favorite jeans broken in, while ensuring that they don’t carry some hideous stench? You should read on.

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