Your wallet will love Uniqlo’s ultra-affordable sister brand, and some say cats will too.

For as much as humans love cats, the kitties aren’t always quite as enthusiastic in returning the affection. Sure, they might allow you to pet them, but they tend to be a little more discerning about which members of humanity they’ll take the initiative in instigating a cuddle session with.

The goal, then, for cat lovers is to become the kind of person cats like, and some feline fans in Japan think they’ve discovered a way to raise your attractiveness level: wear jeans.

However, believers say not just any jeans will do. You need a specific brand, but thankfully it’s not from one of Japan’s high-end denim houses. Nope, apparently all you need is a pair of jeans from GU (pronounced “gee you”), the even more affordably-priced sister brand of Uniqlo, which offers multiple styles for as little as 1,490 yen (US$13.70).

“My cat was being crazy-affectionate, and I realized I was wearing the GU Jeans I’d bought a while back.”

Others who report experiencing the GU jeans phenomenon say their cats became incredibly clingy, and in some cases that they even began licking the fabric repeatedly.

“Sure enough, when I wore my GU jeans, all the cats started coming up to me!”

The unexpected connection between fashion and felines has some speculating that maybe GU’s jeans use a plant-based dye with some sort of catnip-like properties, though the company itself says that any such effect is coincidental, as it hasn’t purposely designed its denim collection to appeal to cats. It should also be pointed out that at least one cat fan who performed an experiment by wearing GU jeans noted no particular reaction from her pet cat.

Still, enough people are claiming that GU Jeans will make you the most attractive person in the room, if said room is filled with felines, prompting many on social media to say they’re planning to buy a pair before their next visit to one of Japan’s cat cafes.

Sources: Netgeek via Hachima Kiko, Yahoo! Japan News/Joshi Spa
Top image: GU
Insert image: GU
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