GU, Uniqlo’s sister brand, is back with an all-new batch of affordable ensembles based on the anime classic.

Historically, quite a lot of the merchandise for the Sailor Moon anime franchise has fallen into one of two categories. The first is items aimed at the original target market, little girls, which means Mom and Dad are actually the ones paying for them, and so price isn’t such a major concern. The second category is items produced for adult fans who grew up with the show as it aired more than 20 years ago, and who’re now far enough on their career paths that, once again, price isn’t such a major concern.

This means, though, that if you’re old enough to be paying for your own anime merch, but young enough that you don’t have such a big budget to play with, it can be hard to find cool stuff at affordable prices (capsule toys notwithstanding). But back in the spring GU, the lower-priced corporate sibling of already-reasonable Uniqlo, came to the rescue with a lineup of Sailor Moon fashion items that even fans of modest means can enjoy. Next month, the collaboration kicks off its second round of releases, which includes numerous nods to Sailor Moon’s mentor cat, Luna, starting with embroidered jeans with the kitty’s face on their knees for 2,990 yen (US$27).

A breezier denim option comes in the form of these skirts (1,990 yen), adorned with the image of Sailor Moon’s Crystal Star transformation item and Cutie Moon Rod.

Moving on to tops, and back to cats, we come to this pair of embroidered blouses (2,490 yen) each with a pair of Lunas.

If you want a stealthier way to display your fandom, these lace cotton T-shirts (1,990 yen), with seven-tenths-length sleeves, look like ordinary non-anime shirts to the untrained eye, but the lace trim at the hemming hides multiple silhouettes of Luna.

▼ Or, in the case of the white shirt, snowy white feline friend Artemis, you could say.

The wide-sleeve sweat-material tops (1,990 yen), also with seven-tenths sleeves, double down on the Sailor Moon regalia by having her first-generation equipment, the Moon Stick and Transformation Brooch, on one cuff and the Cutie Moon Rod and Crystal Star on the other.

For those looking to boldly declare their allegiance to their favorite Sailor Senshi, each of the core heroines has her own T-shirt (790 yen).

▼ While Sailor Moon T-shirts in adult sizes have been part of American anime convention dealer room offerings for decades, it’s rare to see them for sale in Japan.

Rounding out the collection are print blouses (2,490 yen) with Tuxedo Mask’s operatic eyewear and rose

…one-piece dresses with Sailor Moon striking her most famous pose

…and, bringing us back to Luna once again, these high-necked T-shirts (1,490 yen).

Need some accessories to tie your anime-inspired outfit together? GU also has a trio of Sailor Moon opera shoe designs (2,490 yen).

And finally we come to the last two items in the lineup: Luna and Artemis clutch purses, which at just 1,990 yen are far less expensive than their counterparts from Samantha Vega.

The lace cotton T-shirts, wide-sleeve sweat tops, and high-neck T-shirts, as well as the Luna and pink-colored shoes, are exclusive to GU’s Tokyo Ginza, Yokohama Kohoku North Port Mall, and Osaka Shinsaibashi branches, plus the chain’s online shop (which can be found here). All other items can be purchased through the online shop or at any GU location nationwide. The collection goes on sale October 6, and would be the perfect choice if you’re wondering what to wear while eating at the 2017 Sailor Moon Cafe.

Source: GU via PR Times
Images: PR Times
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