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G-Star Raw is ready to take this design out of the fields.

After Japan’s centuries of shogunate-enforced isolation ended in the late 1800s, Western-style fashions swept the nation. However, the country’s traditional garments are recently getting special attention from designers who are looking to add Japanese styling cues to Western clothing.

A while back, we took a look at the blending of hakama pants with chinos, and now comes another way to add some Japanese inspiration to your below-the-belt wardrobe.

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Inakaya Denim is a new offering from Dutch label G-Star Raw. “Inakaya” means “person from the countryside,” and it’s a fitting name since the jeans are styled like the work pants customarily worn by Japanese farmers. While some people (and cats) are fans of skinny jeans, Inakaya Denim’s billowy cut should make the pants easy to move around in, as should the lightweight material they’re sewn from.

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▼ Ankle straps provide a tapered, dashing silhouette.

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▼ The extra-large hip pocket makes a great place to stash your keys, smartphone, or seeds with which to plant next season’s crops.

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G-Star Raw’s suggested retail price for Inakaya Denim is 25,920 yen (US$254), which suggests the company doesn’t expect anyone to actually slip on a pair to go work in the fields. Still, if you’re looking for some very unique jeans, or just want to tell everyone in your rural community that you’ve got a serious sense of style, these might be just the thing.

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