The Shack-ura Shake now comes in two different flavours for a limited time.

This year, the sakura cherry blossoms are scheduled to arrive in Tokyo earlier than usual, which means we’re already getting to see what the season has in store for us in terms of exciting limited-edition releases.

Hot on the heels of the Coca-Cola sakura bottle comes the news that American fast food restaurant chain Shake Shack will be joining the floral festivities again this year with a limited-edition beverage called the Shack-ura Shake.

Available exclusively for the Japanese market, the Shack-ura Shake has been appearing here since 2016, sold only during the month of March and showcasing the flavours of vanilla frozen custard blended with cherry blossom jam.

While the past three annual releases have featured different cup designs, with a variety of pink-and-white sakura images, this year the Shack-ura Shake will be getting brand new package designs and, for the first time, a whole new flavour and on-sale period as well.

From February 1, Shake Shack will be offering up the Sakura Shack-ura Shake. White in colour, to reflect the cold winter weather of February, this beverage will use frozen custard – freshly made in-house every morning – blended with pickled sakura to create a mild, salty cherry blossom flavour that reflects the buds waiting to blossom. According to the company, the shake will have the same salty flavour and aroma as traditional sakura mochi cakes.

From March 1, the winter Shack-ura Shake will be replaced with the Cherry and Sakura version, which is pink in colour, and incorporates both sakura puree and cherry blossom puree into the fresh frozen custard. This bittersweet blend of flavours is said to enhance everyone’s excitement about the blossoms as they reach full bloom during the month of March.

Each version will also come in a special limited-edition cup, with smaller blooms for the February flavour release and larger blossoms for the March beverage. Both drinks will be sold at Shake Shacks around the country in small and regular sizes, for 540 yen (US$4.93) and 710 yen respectively.

Source, images: PR Times