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Hot on the heels of McDonald’s Japan’s announcement of its spring-themed Sakura Teriyaki Burger, Burger King Japan has just revealed a new product of its own, and it looks to be quite the mouthful. This, ladies and gentlemen of the cholesterol-loving world, is the King’s Dog (and yes, that’s “dog” without an “n”, boys at the back), which packs in roughly five times the meaty goodness of a regular Burger King hot dog.

The new monster wiener is available between March 14 and 31 (the former date being White Day, in case you’d forgotten and were about to break your girlfriend’s heart), priced at 490 yen (US$4.77) or 590 yen with a drink and fries. That’s quite the price tag for a product from a fast food chain, but with a sausage 2.5 times the thickness of its regular offerings, we can’t really blame Burger King for asking for a little more.

▼ Put alongside the regular BK hot dog, the King’s Dog is comically huge

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So if you’re craving meat this March, and standard sausages just doesn’t cut the mustard, be sure to get down to Burger King this Friday.

OK, now go back and re-read this entire post while interjecting with “that’s what she said” every few sentences if you really must.

Source: Burger King Japan via IT Media