The console war between the Xbox 360 and the PS3 was fairly vicious, with Sony just edging out Microsoft in terms of total global sales.

This time, though, Sony seems to have no intention of letting things run that close. In the United States, Sony has, as you probably know, set the PlayStation 4 price a full $100 lower than the Xbox One. Microsoft, of course, argues that the Kinect more than makes up for the difference, though that’s up to consumers to decide.

But in Mexico, the pricing war has gotten even fiercer. How much fiercer?

Nearly $200 fiercer!

It’s now being reported that the PlayStation 4 is being offered for 5,839.20 pesos (about US$451), while the Xbox One is priced at 8,499 pesos (about $656). For comparison, the PlayStation 3 is still currently priced at 4559.20 pesos (about $352) in Mexico.

While the PlayStation 4 in Mexico is still $50 more expensive than the US version, being $200 cheaper than the Xbox One seems like a great coup for Sony. With pricing following suit in other Latin American countries, we might end up seeing a greater disparity in world-wide sales figures by the end of the next generation.

That said, it would be surprising if Microsoft didn’t have a response, as they’ve already acquiesced to public disapproval of their attempts to move to an (almost) always-online model.

Sony seems to be more focused on the global market than Microsoft anyway, as the Japanese company recently opened a PS3-producing factory in Brazil and is moving towards launching the PS4 in India this year. Microsoft, on the other hand, hasn’t even set a date to release the Xbox One in Japan and is delaying launching in Asia in general until late 2014.

Japanese netizens shared their thoughts on the PS4’s pricing in Mexico.

With this pricing, I can’t imagine there’s anyone in Mexico who’s going to buy the Xbox One.

A 20,000 yen [about $200] difference is unbelievable.

Alright, looks like the 3DS is the winner! [Editor’s note: What??]

SCE is really going in for the kill against the Xbox One.

I foresee a price cut in Microsoft’s future.

And with this, Sony wins Mexico.

Sony is already laughing at the competition, but as Microsoft’s policy shift this month shows, the war is just beginning.

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Image: Wikipedia edited by RocketNews24