A tragic scene unfolded at the Inter World game center in Iwatsuki, Saitama this week. The lobster claw game, in which players get a chance to catch a live lobster became a grizzly spectacle as every single crustacean was found dead.

A witness tweeted the initial sighting. Judging by the tone of their caption it would seem as though they were in shock at the sight of such carnage.

“Hey. lol All of Inter World’s lobsters are dead. lolololololololol”

Surely enough, the accompanying photos shows around half a dozen lobsters curled up on their backs. Lobster experts like my brother-in-law who’s a dishwasher at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. are at a loss over this mass death. “Lobsters generally thrive in their natural habitat of game machines while getting poked by a mechanical claw,” he said. “This is truly puzzling.”

However, upon hearing the news, another Twitter user headed down to Inter World to examine the scene a few hours later.

“I came to see what happened, but they were still twitching a little.”

This revelation triggered mass calls from netizens to “please put them out of their misery”. We would ask that any UFO Catcher (claw game) experts with spare change go down and deal a final blow to these poor creatures, but Inter World apparently has put an “out of order” sign on their very stupid machine.

 Source: Twitter 1, 2 via Togech (Japanese)