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We all know break-ups can be a painful, gut-wrenching experience. Even long after the actual traumatic event, you may suddenly be seized with thoughts such as, “Oh, we were supposed to see that movie together,” or “We were going to go to that beach this summer,” and find yourself weeping uncontrollably at the most unexpected and usually inopportune moments.

And what can really be a bummer is deciding what to do with all the things your ex-boyfriend (or ex-girlfriend) gave you. Birthday presents, letters or even pictures of the two of you together — all items that were irreplaceable treasures at one time — can bring back painful memories and possibly even prevent you from moving on. But now, there may be an ideal solution to this problem, and one that can help change the world for the better.

To help people in post-break-up agony, Brandear, a Japanese company specializing in the purchase and re-sale of designer goods, has started an innovative new service called the “Heartbreak Box“. Now, that name may not sound exactly bright and cheery, but what it actually is is a service where you can send in items leftover from your now broken relationship in a specially designed box, and for each box Brandear receives, they will donate 100 yen (approx. US$1) to an NGO that supports pregnant women and couples in developing nations. So, in effect, the service offers a way for some good to come out of a break-up and at the same time gives you some peace of mind that your tragic heartbreak wasn’t in vain.

This is how the service works:

1. First, you cry and bawl your eyes out until you have no tears left; then you have the Heartbreak Box sent to you.


2. Once you receive the box, tear apart the heart-shaped seal and open the box. Be careful not to take out your emotions on the box and damage it beyond repair.


3. Make sure your box contains all the necessary items. (Items listed below)


The contents include: 1) The box; 2) The Heartbreak Guidebook for letting go; 3)The” Goodbye Tears Tissue” for moments of sudden tearfulness while sorting through items from your broken relationship; 4) The “Stress-relieving Bubble Wrap” with heart-shaped bubbles; 5) Guide to using the Heartbreak Box ; and 6) Courier label for sending the box.

4. Go through your things and pack any items that may remind you of your ex-boyfriend into the Heartbreak Box.


5. Say goodbye to the items from your past relationship with a lightened heart.


6. Brandear will conduct a formal appraisal of the things sent in the box and pay you the appraised amount. Perhaps the money can be used to prepare yourself for a new relationship.


7. For each Heartbreak Box received, 100 yen will be donated to support couples in developing nations throughout the NGO JOICFP.


Brandear will be accepting the Heartbreak Boxes until April 20th through their special website.  If it’s any consolation to the heartbroken individual using the service, any items of value will be properly appraised and monetary compensation paid accordingly. Items without actual value, such as pictures and letters, will also be accepted, even if compensation can’t be offered for them.

So, if you have items given to you by an ex-boyfriend that you are loath to just throw out or sell, then the Heartbreak Box may be the solution for you. Getting a sense of closure, doing a bit of good for the world and possibly earning a little money in the process — all things considered, it sounds like a pretty good deal. At least you’ll have done some good at the end of the day. Here’s hoping many broken-hearted souls will gain a bit of comfort from this unique service!

Original article by: Sandal Kusunoki (c)Pouch
Source and images: Heartbreak Box special website

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