Lobster ramen in Tokyo is amazingly good and amazingly cheap【Photos】

A new restaurant in Shibuya takes the flavor of Hokkaido-style ramen upmarket, but leaves the price low.

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Five members of the Bad Lobster biker group arrested by Ebina police

Residents live in mild fear of the gang and hope their daughters never bring a Bad Lobster home for dinner.

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Crustacean Suit Gundam: man builds MSN-04 Sazabi out of a lobster’s shell

It’s like the saying goes: When life hands you a lobster, make a Psycommu-system-equipped mobile suit with it.

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Is it another creepy Japanese iPhone case? No, it’s a multicoloured hermaphrodite lobster!

You have to feel sorry for the uglier animals of this world. While kittens and bunnies inspire a universal chorus of “awwwwwww”, if you’re unlucky enough to be born a crustacean or insect, chances are people don’t think you’re so cute.

The Japanese spiny lobster, or Ise-ebi, is a bumpy, spooky-looking creature at the best of times. This one, which was caught off Tōshi-jima in Ise Bay this week, is a gynandromorph – one side of its body is male, the other half is female. Mainichi Shimbun reports that the creature is truly one in a million!

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Fashion Update: Lobster is the new black

With only a day left before the dreaded sales tax hike in Japan, this is truly the zero hour for you to get your last-minute impulse buys in. And what could be more impulsive than buying this lobster-shaped clutch bag for the low low price 50,400 yen (US$490)!?

It’s not getting any cheaper folks!

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Lobsters offered as prizes for claw game all found dead, foul play suspected

A tragic scene unfolded at the Inter World game center in Iwatsuki, Saitama this week. The lobster claw game, in which players get a chance to catch a live lobster became a grizzly spectacle as every single crustacean was found dead.

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