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In a world with 24-hours news networks and a camera on every phone, finding fame isn’t particularly difficult. In fact, we’re all just one slip on a patch ice uploaded to YouTube away from being the next flash-in-the-pan Internet sensation. But that fame is truly fleeting–does anyone even remember “Chocolate Rain” anymore?

So if you really want to “make it” in today’s world of instant Internet glory, you’ll need to do better than getting tweeted or YouTubed–you’ll need to land on Wikipedia, the world’s greatest resource for free, possibly accurate information for high school research papers. And who is Wikipedia’s newest addition to achieve eternal glory and fame? None other than Natalia Poklonskaya, the new attorney general of Crimea we’ve talked about a few times before.

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Much to the joy of Natalia’s Japanese fans, the young prosecutor’s Japanese Wikipedia page not only contains the typical boring things like facts about her life but also a whole host of fan art! If you’re looking for a treasure trove of glamorous drawings of the attorney, you’ll find your fill at Wikipedia. And if you’re interested, you can also learn a little bit more about her story, like where she went to university and some of the details of her career.

▼No citations needed here!

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Japanese commenters were amused by this development–though we’re not sure they should really be surprised.

I really like the third illustration.

So cuuuuuute!

“Internet popularity boom”? LOL!

There might be too many drawings up there!

I set this as my start page for my browser.

And don’t worry, fellow English speakers, there’s an English version of Natalia’s Wikipedia page as well with all the same illustrations. In fact, her entry is available in over 20 languages, including Spanish, German, and Italian, perfect for current events homework for high school students the world over!

Incidentally, the English version of her page currently seems to be under semi-protection from editing, which “prevents edits from unregistered users (IP addresses), as well as edits from any account that is not autoconfirmed […] or confirmed.” For an entry that’s only been around for about ten days, that certainly didn’t take long, did it?

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