Maru and Hana feature

We all know Maru. We love him, watch his videos on YouTube and then wonder how we can make our own animals as amazing as he is. This time around, Maru and his companion Hana find themselves with a new box. The newest challenger is long and rectangular with a perfect circle cut out of one end. What will happen next?!?!?! Drum roll please!!!!

Maru and Hana reveal

And in perfect form, Maru has squeezed his head through the opening of the box. He could be Thomas the Tank Engine’s furriest new friend! Videos of cats have become super popular in recent years, but nothing beats them sticking their heads where they don’t belong. With this being the 15th video in an ongoing series, an entire afternoon can be enjoyed with Maru and Hana.

Poor Hana really doesn’t know what to make of Maru this time. But in typical kitten form, she just wants to play. Good thing cats don’t suffer from black eyes.

Maru and Hana play

As well as the “Box and Cat” series, uploader mugumogu has the “various cat” videos and the “Brushing and Maru” series. For pet enthusiasts everywhere, this is a channel to keep coming back too. Everyone needs something fun to get them through a grueling day, and Maru has always provided that entertainment.

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maru and hana face

Source: Byokan Sunday
Images: YouTube