Okay, it’s a fact of life that cat lovers (myself included) can never get enough of cute cat videos, and to date RocketNews24 has certainly posted its share of articles on videos featuring adorable felines, ranging from the hilarious to the heartwarming. This time, for the viewing pleasure of our cat-loving readers, we present to you Chibi and Mimi, the “cat in the box” and the “cat on the box”.

Granted, cats look cute whatever they do, but this video posted on YouTube by user shironekoshiro is sure to put a smile on your face (that is, unless you have a pathological dislike of cats or some other similar condition). The video shows Chibi, the cat with black markings on his body who ends up on top of the box, and Mimi, the cat with the white body who ends up inside the box, making excellent and creative use of the empty box of bananas.

Unlike the complex theoretical paradox presented by Schrödinger’s cat, this particular situation involving “a cat in a box” is just plain fun. I mean, doesn’t the “cute factor” just kill you? Looking at how Mimi sticks his hands from the holes in the box and just can’t resist playing with Chibi’s tail? And it looks like Chibi is enjoying consciously letting Mimi playing with his tail!

That’s all there really is to this video, and I’m sorry if there’s no deep inner message to be discovered, but profound meaning isn’t really necessary in this case, is it? Cats will continue to bring us enjoyment just by, well, being cats.

If you’re craving more adorable videos featuring these cats, you can get your eye’s fill on shironekoshiro’s YouTube page. You may also want to check out the Kagoneko blog where you can find more info and pictures of shironekoshiro’s cats. It appears there are currently 4 felines in the family, and these are not a bunch of camera-shy cats. They’ve actually published several photo books and even calendars, available from amazon Japan.


Source: Youtube via Kotaro Blog (Japanese)
Kagoneko Blog (Japanese)