You might be thinking we’ve been posting an awful lot of articles about cats recently, from stories about cat islands to black-cat cafés, and even one about wearable cats, but here’s one more to end the week with, because they told us to publish it and we’re too scared to disobey.

It would seem that Maru, possibly the most famous cat on YouTube right now, not only has a new friend to play with, but he’s found a novel use for his fluffy tail…

Some of you may remember Maru from his birthday montage we posted earlier this year. This chubby Scottish fold feline never fails to mesmerize us cyber citizens with his mischievous antics, jumping into boxes, hiding behind doors, and pouncing at whatever catches his twinkling eyes. But it seems he has mastered a new skill, one that fully utilizes the hypnotizing movement of his swishing tail.


What can this cat’s tail do? The video below unravels the mystery!

Maru fascinates his little playmate, Hana, just by swinging his tail from side to side. Suave move, big brother. We couldn’t help but be amused at how Maru remained at the very same spot no matter how hard Hana pounced at him.

“I’m so gonna get you this time!”

In case you’re wondering, Hana was introduced into the family in early August this year. Maru’s owner adopted the energetic fuzzball from an animal hospital, and was initially worried that Maru, who had been the only fur-kid in the house for six years, would have trouble getting along with a new adopted sister, but it appeared that he had no qualms whatsoever about taking little Hana under his wing (or perhaps tail).


Maru and Hana have so much fun together, we’re getting envious. If only humans had tails too! Imagine the amount of money that could be saved from buying toys if we could entertain our mini humans with just a flick of the tail.

“Whatcha’ lookin’ at, human?”

Visit Maru’s blog or YouTube channel for more fuzzy feline playtime moments!

Source: YouTube
Images: SisinMaru