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Cherry blossom season may now be over in Tokyo, and yes, each year we find ourselves wishing the magnificent pale pink flowers would last longer than a week, but luckily we’ve found a flower-themed video so spectacular, it just might be enough to make us forget the passing of the cherry blossoms.

The video is actually a commercial from Sony advertising their 4K Ultra HD TV, and it features such a massive amount of flowers in an unbelievable array of dazzling colors that you’ll find it hard to believe that the images aren’t computer generated. See the stunning images and colors for yourself in the video below!

You can see the YouTube commercial at a resolution of up to 1080p, but the actual 4K content is available at an amazing resolution of 3840 x 2160, which translates to more than eight million pixels overall — no wonder they call it ultra high definition! Filmed in beautiful Costa Rica, approximately eight million flower petals were used in the commercial to match the number of pixels in the 4K display.

▼Some shots from the commercial: a huge pool of flower petals in a mouth of a volcano ready to eruptSony 1

▼ Mini spurts of colorful petalsSony 1-2

▼Beautiful magma of petals erupting violentlySony 2

▼The flower magma flows down a river…Sony 3

▼…and descends onto a town.Sony 4

▼The town is covered in a showering cascade of flower petals.Sony 5

▼Children of the town are delighted with the colorful shower.Sony 6

If you want to see the 4K images the way they’re meant to look in their original vibrant splendor, you’ll have to go to a store displaying a 4K Ultra HD TV. Just imagine, the images will be four times sharper than what you see on YouTube at 1080p! Now, that may be worth making a trip to your local electronics shop for. And if you were as fascinated as we were with the commercial, here’s a video which you may want to check out that shows how the commercial was made. We think you’ll be amazed that it really was filmed using real flowers. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube SONY UK via NUMBER333 (Japanese)
Photos: YouTube SONY UK