Forget seasonal sweets and drinks. In Japan, even pots and tableware get a sakura makeover in the spring, and the results are gorgeous!

Le Creuset Japon, the Japanese branch of the well-known French cookware company, has recently released their spring “Flower Collection” line of cookware and tableware, and the beautiful flower-themed pieces are sure to brighten any kitchen and dining room.

The Flower Collection line includes some of their most popular items with a flower-themed twist in a pop yet elegant style and should be perfect for spring get-togethers and seasonal festivities like Hinamatsuri  (Girls’ Day, traditionally held on March 3). They even have a special commemorative cookware item for Le Creuset Japon’s 25th anniversary! Let’s take a look at some of the pieces in the collection.

 Tea Cup & Fleur Saucer (2,700 yen [US$24.13]):
This dainty tea-cup comes with a flower-shaped saucer and is ideal for serving Japanese-style teas like sakura or plum tea, or even jelly or pudding type desserts.



Fleur Petal Dish Set (6,480 yen [$57.90]):
These small dishes are made in the shape of sakura flower petals. The inside surface of each dish is colored in a different shade of pink and the pieces can be arranged together to form a large flower shape.


Stackable Ramekin Fleur Set (8,640 yen [$77.21]):
This two-tiered stackable ramekin stoneware set comes in an adorable flower shape and can be used to showcase your culinary creativity in a party setting or simply as tableware for daily meals.



Windsor Pot with Flower-shaped Knob (25,920 yen [$231.31]):
This enameled cast iron pot is relatively small and easy to handle, and since it has depth, is ideal for cooking soup or even rice. It comes with two lovely flower-shaped knobs, one in stainless steel, and the other in heat-resistant phenolic material.


Cocotte Fleur with Flower-shaped Knob (35,640 yen [$317.84]):
This flower-shaped casserole, also made of enameled cast iron, was a huge hit in Japan last year and it too comes with the same two types of flower-shaped knobs as the Windsor Pot above.



▼ And here’s the big item in the collection, the Le Creuset Japon 25th Anniversary Coccote Ronde Sakura (51,840 yen [$462.10]). To commemorate Le Creuset Japon’s 25 years in Japan, they’ve come up with a special version of their popular 20 centimeter (just under 8 inches) round casserole decorated with beautiful cherry blossom illustrations. This Japan exclusive item will be available in two colors from March 16.



Don’t all of these items make you want to start cooking or (if like this writer, cooking isn’t exactly your forte) plan a spring party?  The complete Flower Collection can be seen on Le Creuset Japon’s site if you want to check out all of the lovely products in their line-up. Sure, the items don’t come cheap, but just looking at all those pink and flowery images  should put you in a mood to anticipate spring, and of course, lots of drinking during the cherry-blossom viewing season!

Source and all photos: PR Times press release