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Oh, the bean bag chair, the classic college seat that can be used for so much more than just sitting in. Most of us are familiar with the black hole of productivity that these chairs create, but leave it to Japan to make it so much more.

From Muji, the company that brands the “no-brand”, is the “chair that fits to your body!” But, we know what this really is, and the Internet agrees. Dubbed the “chair that makes people lethargic”, one Twitter user went into great detail to describe how much this chair affected her productiveness. But before that, we present how Muji suggests you use their chair.

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Twitter user @emi_haha shared, “I’ve bought two of these ‘chairs that make people lethargic’ and since then, my days have been entirely unproductive. Even so, I have somehow categorized my laziness.”

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Haha…emi, good one!

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The details of this amazing chart are as follows: The levels go from one to seven, with seven being the ultimate “do nothing” stage. Levels one through three gradually increase in their level of un-productiveness, but a return to the outside world is still possible. At level four, where you use the chair as a back rest, things start getting much more serious. By level five, you have ultimately given up for the day and have committed yourself to the amazingness of the belly lay.

Levels six and seven are only for the serious challengers though. Level six employs the two-chair positioning, a definite day-ender, while level seven has the chair used in conjunction with a kotatsu (a table with a heater below it). Knowing how amazing these heated tables are as well as the comfort of bean bag chairs, this is the ultimate position of laziness. Goodbye fair world…and hellooooo YouTube!!

The official Muji Twitter account (@muji_net) has also joined in the conversation and warns, “be careful when you use the chair with a kotatsu or when using two together.”

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The original tweet from @emi_haha has been retweeted over 19,000 times already, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If you want to conduct your own “experiments” on the effects of bean bag chairs on your productiveness, you can purchase your own from Muji, 12,000 yen (about US$120) for the regular size and 10,000 yen (about $100) for a mini-size.

Who will be the first to descend into level 8?!?!

Source: Netlab
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