Muji takes the minimalism it’s known for to the next air-cushiony level.

We’ve always been big fans of Mujirushi Ryohin (usually known as Muji outside of Japan), the minimalist lifestyle/home goods chain that also has dining and hotels attached to its name. With a name that means “no-brand quality goods,” we’re regularly impressed by its no-frills, basic yet sturdy furniture–so we were intrigued when the chain announced the release of a new product called the Sofa Made from Air.

The Sofa Made from Air (Kuuki de Dekita Sofa in Japanese), which really only seats one person and could be called a chair, consists of five air tanks fitted with a fabric covering. Just add air using the supplied pump and you’re good to go–or rather, sit. The air inside can be adjusted at any point to reach your ideal comfort level for the day (making it especially good for those moments when your boss tries to break your back).

▼ It’s also ideal for relaxing on while in a food coma after sampling all five of Muji’s food products that its staff recommends.

Coming in gray, green, or yellow colors, the sofa is also lightweight and can be easily moved around when cleaning, redecorating, or even when bringing to a friend’s place for the evening. Its dimensions are 95 x 95 x 72.5 centimeters (37.4 x 37.4 x 28.5 inches) when fully in use and 80 x 46 x 15 centimeters when in its box packaging.

The Sofa Made from Air costs 9,990 yen (US$70.57) and went on sale at 16 Muji store locations throughout Japan on December 30, and will become available at the other remaining locations and Muji’s online store on January 11. Individual components will also be available for sale in case one of the air tanks becomes damaged or the cover gets dirty in the future.

Now if only Muji would combine this sofa with a kotatsu of some kind…we’d bring it to the office every day to stay warm instead of the unfortunate solution that we recently came up with.

Source: PR Times via IT Media
Images: PR Times
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