Muji Hotel Ginza: New accommodation in Tokyo takes Japanese minimalism to the next level

We step inside the huge new complex and bring you a walkthrough of every floor before it opens to the public.

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Tokyo’s Muji Hotel now taking reservations, ready to provide lifestyle-brand comfort to travelers

“Anti-luxurious, anti-cheap” hotel offers stylish, comfortable homes-away-from-homes in the heart of Japan’s capital.

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Japanese man pretends to visit Muji stores 5.62 million times in six weeks, gets arrested again

Police say fraudster virtually visited Muji branches on three continents without ever leaving his Hokkaido home.

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Muji designs cool all-weather self-driving shuttle bus, aims to implement it in Finland in 2020

With any luck, we might be able to see this awesome autonomous public transport quite soon.

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Tokyo’s famous capsule apartments now take month-long reservations from foreign travelers

Architectural landmark is in a fantastic location from which to immerse yourself in the Tokyo lifestyle while seeing the city’s sights.

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Muji’s new expandable suitcase is perfect for Japan-based expats and overseas Japanophiles【Video】

Taking different amounts of stuff on your two flights across the Pacific? Mujirushi Ryohin is here to help.

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Mujirushi’s Japanese micro-houses are finally on sale to the general public!

Previously only available to other businesses, the tiny homes can now be purchased by anyone.

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Muji creates Muji Cola with no added sugar and a unique taste

This isn’t your typical Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola drink.

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Japanese interior brand Muji opening its first hotel ever in the heart of Tokyo

All furniture and amenities will be items from the beloved brand’s catalog.

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Tiny house by Muji finally goes on sale in Japan

The long-awaited release of the Muji Hut has finally arrived, and the first lots for sale come complete with a garden.

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Mouth-watering green tea-covered strawberries about to go on sale at Japan’s Mujirushi Ryohin

Things to pick up at Japan’s most popular discount interior shop: curtains, bedsheets, matcha strawberries.

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Anybody want to live rent-free in a house in a Japanese beach town for two years?

Non-Japanese applicants also being accepted for unique housing program from interior goods brand Mujirushi.

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Japanese brand Muji shrinks and rebuilds Tokyo using 10,000 of its items【Video】

See the sights and hear the sounds of Tokyo with this amazing recreation of the city using only Muji brand household products.

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Trending technique for breaking apart chopsticks turns out to be clever new design by Muji

A tweet seemingly suggesting a clever new way to snap apart disposable chopsticks turns out to be an awesome product prototype for Muji.

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【2016 Lucky Bag Roundup】The contents of Muji’s menswear lucky bag could make any man hip

What’s simple, cheap, yet super fashionable? The loot from Muji’s lucky bag! The takeaway from this no-frills retailer was well worth the early wake up call.

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Checking out Muji’s lucky bag: Almost 10,000 yen worth of stuff for a fraction of the price

US$100 worth of Muji stationery for less than $10? It must be Lucky Bag time!

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Make your mark: Personalize gift bags, notebooks and more with free Muji stamp station

Here in Japan, most shops will do gift wrapping for free. It’s a very thoughtful and convenient service, but although they usually do a very nice job of it, it lacks a certain personal touch.

Popular lifestyle goods shop Muji may have the answer: gift bags that you can customize with a set of free and easy-to-use stamps. And the fun doesn’t stop there. Let’s take a look!

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Help our writer figure out how to wear the mysterious clothing item in her Muji Lucky Bag

Remember the Muji Fortune Can that we featured a few days ago from our favorite minimalist home goods store, Muji? Following that welcome discovery, our Japanese reporter also managed to get her hands on both a Muji Women’s Clothing Lucky Bag and a Muji Health & Beauty Lucky Bag.

Although she was content with most of the surprises, there was one clothing item in particular that stumped her–can anyone give her a few tips on how best to wear it? Don’t miss her mini fashion show after the jump!

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We grab a bargain with the Muji Fortune Can, because Lucky Bags are so 2014

With its classic, minimalist style and unbranded goods, Muji is a popular and enduring brand. And whereas its international stores tend to mainly sell household goods and furniture, Muji in Japan has dipped its toe in a wide range of sectors, from show houses to cafés to a Muji car.

While Muji’s Lucky Bags always sell out, the store also sells this Fortune Can for, appropriately, 2,015 yen (around US$17)! As well as a 2,015-yen gift card – that’s right, every can contains a gift card that’s the same value as the retail price of the can! – each one also contains a traditional Japanese ornament from the Tōhoku, Kansai or Chūgoku regions.

Well, when our Japanese reporter Sachi Ojiya heard about that, he rushed down to Muji and bought not one but three Lucky Cans! This is his report.

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Japanese people surprised to find that “popular Japanese store” Meiso doesn’t exist in Japan

This stylish chain of stores has seen branches popping up all over China and boasts “Japanese brands” and “100% Japanese quality” all for the reasonable price of 10 yuan (US$1.60). It’s called “Meiso” in its native language of Japanese where it is said to have found major success… which is interesting because there doesn’t seem to be a single Meiso outlet in the whole country of Japan.

Well, actually that’s not completely true. Much like how the spirit of Santa Claus lives in every child’s heart, the spirit of Meiso can be found in three of Japan’s largest retailers – Uniqlo, Mujirushi Ryohin, and Daiso – in it’s eerily similar design to all three. And that’s just the tip of the weirdness iceberg.

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