Dom Dom does it again with their newest burger innovation.

Dom Dom Hamburger is Japan’s oldest burger chain, and also one of its most creative. In the past, they’ve offered such unique items as the Takoyaki Burger and the Spicy Cod Roe Thick Egg Omelet Burger.

Now they’re getting ready to release their newest sandwich: a hamburger enhanced with the delicious flavor of Japanese curry. The most obvious way to do that would be to take an ordinary hamburger and pour curry sauce over the patty, but this is Dom Dom we’re talking about here, so they went with a route that’s much more innovative by deep-frying curry itself, then sliding it in between the buns.

The below promotional image for the Melty Cheese Curry Hamburger, or Torokeru Cheese Curry Hamburger if you’re ordering it in Japanese, has helpful pointing fingers to direct your attention to its marque components.

The hand on the right points to the rich, gooey cheese sauce, which appears to be present both above and below the beef patty. At the bottom of the inside-the-buns stack, though, is the part to get really excited about: a crisp deep-fried disc of curry.

This “fried curry,” as Dom Dom is calling it, appears to be different from both the fried curry bread and the curry croquettes found at Japanese bakeries and supermarkets. Curry croquets tend to be filled with mashed potato with some curry mixed in, and curry bread usually has a soft, chewy texture to its dough. Dom Dom’s fried curry, though, has a crunchy outer layer, and inside it looks to be liquidy curry roux.

As fans will tell you, there’s never really a bad time to eat Japanese curry, and so having one more way to enjoy one of the nation’s favorite comfort foods has been filling online commenters with delight and desire.

“Wha!?! Gonna eat this for sure.”
“There’s zero chance that I won’t eat this.”
“Can already tell this is going to taste amazing.”
“This almost seems unfair.”
“Dom Dom usually pulls me in with their special burgers, but even for them, this sounds obscenely good.”

The Torokeru Cheese Curry Hamburger is priced at 500 yen (US$3.70) and will be on sale for a limited time starting June 24.

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Source: Dom Dom Hamburger via Entabe, Twitter/@domdom_pr
Images: Dom Dom Hamburger
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