To all of our lovely women readers out there – have you ever felt betrayed by another female friend? Perhaps you were deceived and taken advantage of. Perhaps the coworker you trusted as your confidant was surreptitiously spreading scandalous rumors about you behind your back. Whatever the situation was, it was sure to have been an unpleasant experience.

A recent survey on popular Japanese site Mynavi Woman asked its female readers the same question as above. Dozens of women shed light about backstabbing friends and unbelievable scenes from the past. Have any of the following situations ever happened to you?

This latest survey was conducted online earlier this month. A total of 202 responses were received within the eligible time frame from working women between the ages of 22 to 34. Let’s take a look at some of their responses.

Men: Can’t live with them, can’t live without ’em

While a person’s preferences changing over time may be understandable, no one likes being relegated to the sidelines:

“My friend declared that she would never get married, but then she suddenly did.” (32-year-old)

“We had made plans to go traveling together, but all of a sudden she told me a bit too casually that she was going on a trip with a guy instead. I had even taken time off of work in advance, so her shoving me aside like that really hurt.” (27-year-old)

“Even though she claimed to have no interest in men, at the drinking party we went to together she put all of her effort into flirting with the men.” (27-year-old)


Being one-upped at the office

Some women are willing to do anything to have their superiors look favorably upon them at work. For example, take the following two women who wanted those extra brownie points a little too much:

“My coworker assured me that she wasn’t going to do anything for Valentine’s Day. However, when the day actually came, she passed out homemade chocolate to our superiors.” (30-year-old)

“One time a bunch of us were frustrated and were badmouthing the company and one of our higher-ups. But the next day, that superior had heard all about it. It turns out that one of the women who was gossiping with us was actually his spy. She was told to report to him whenever anyone was gossiping. The fact that that traitorous woman blabbed on us all was even more shocking than the fact that our boss had enlisted the help of a spy in the first place.” (27-year-old)

Things didn’t quite go as she planned…

Sometimes women say a few sneaky things on the DL and think the person in question will never find out. But rumors occasionally have a way of going full circle. Hear about it in these two accounts:

“She always talked about me behind my back, but when I confronted her to her face she couldn’t say anything.” (32-year-old)

“A friend invited me to tag along with her at a “gokon” (合コン; similar to a mixer) one time. But then she slyly told my boyfriend’s friend, “Oh yeah, she goes on group dates with me all the time!” and made him have doubts about me. I found out that she had had feelings for my boyfriend at the time, its makes me feel sick that she would stoop that low!”  (28-year-old)


My manipulative friend stole my boyfriend

The classic scenario of a friend betraying a friend for love. But remember that it’s partially the man’s fault, too…ouch!

“She was having a hard time at her previous job, so I introduced her to my company. But then she cheated with my boyfriend who works at the same place behind my back. To top it off, she got depression and soon after quit the job. I haven’t seen her since.” (30-year-old)

“When I became entangled in a love triangle, my friend declared that she would back off. But then she came back later with a new sneak strategy.” (26-year-old)

It makes my blood boil just thinking about it!!

Even though they’re still too mad to share the particulars, you can feel the anger radiating off of the following comments!

“What she did was so bad that I don’t even want to say!” (30-year-old)

“I can think of so many cases revolving around men and work. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t trust other women! You never know when their jealousy will kick in and make your life terrible.” (29-year-old)

▼The Japanese gesture for “angry” (making demon horns)


It’s a scary world out there if you can’t trust your friends anymore. Make sure to treasure your friends and don’t treat them like in the cases detailed above!

Source: Niconico News
Top image: Renai Channel
Images: She KnowsJennings Wire, Wooris