Matcha green tea curry11

We’ve come across a fair amount of oddly colored curries in our gastronomic quests through Japan. From bright blue to jet black, we thought we’d seen them all until we cam across green. You’ve probably seen green curry from India before, but unlike saag paneer, this one isn’t filled with spinach. Believe it or not, the leafy hue of this savory dish comes from matcha green tea.

Made by Itohkyuemon, a high quality Japanese tea shop in Kyoto, this limited edition curry contains Uji matcha, regarded by many as the finest green tea in Japan.

▼ You can see a heap of Uji matcha in the upper right corner of the green tea curry box.Matcha green tea curry

Another surprise – the green tea curry is instant! You don’t even have to bother using roux cubes or any other additional ingredients, just pop the bag in the microwave or plop it into a pot of boiling water.

▼ Thank you, Japan, for always including helpful pictures on the back of food packages for those times when we’re too hungry to read.5

▼ Even though you don’t technically have to add anything to the curry, the addition of carrots and potatoes gives it an extra dash of color.Matcha green tea curry3

▼ Is it just us or can you actually see the green tea powder in there?Matcha green tea curry4

The color and texture are of questionable consistency, but how does it taste? According to online reviews, not bad. It’s said to be not quite sweet and not even spicy, but the bitterness of the matcha definitely stands out. According to the official Itohkyuemon Twitter account, “it’s indeed strange, but the green tea and curry coexist when it comes to the taste.” An underwhelming review (or is it just subtle, much like the flavor of Japanese cuisine), but you can always pick up a pack of matcha green tea curry at Itohkyuemon for 500 yen (US$4.89) and try this strange dish yourself.

Source: Netlab via My Game News Flash
Images: Twitter (itohkyuemon)