Enjoy these lovely desserts made with green tea from Kyoto’s Uji City this spring, and without spending a fortune!

Sweets created with quality matcha may sound like something you would have at a fancy cafe, but this spring, you can savor some green tea sweetness at the affordable Japanese family restaurant chain Gusto.

That’s right, for a limited time, Gusto is offering desserts using green tea from Uji-based tea manufacturer Tsujiriichihonten. Uji City in Kyoto is well-known for producing excellent quality green tea, and considering that Tusujiriichihonten has nearly a 160-year history operating in Uji, they certainly have the right ingredients for some great matcha treats.

Here are the four seasonal matcha desserts currently on the menu at Gusto:

1. Uji Matcha Parfait with Hokkaido Soft Serve Ice Cream (649 yen [US$5.80])

This towering creation is made with soft serve ice cream, Uji matcha-flavored jelly, Uji matcha-flavored sauce, chestnuts, sweet red bean paste, mascarpone cheese cream, and of course, corn flakes to add that delectable crunch!

2. Soft Serve Ice Cream Anmitsu with Uji Matcha Sauce (499 yen)

This bowl of sweetness is based on the traditional Japanese dessert anmitsu, which typically involves translucent agar jelly served in syrup with red bean paste and pieces of fruit. This version contains the yummy bonus of soft serve ice cream topped with matcha sauce.

3. Uji Matcha Sundae with Hokkaido Soft Serve Ice Cream (399 yen)

This sundae comes with all the delightful flavors of soft serve ice cream, Uji matcha-flavored jelly, Uji matcha-flavored sauce, and cornflakes, which certainly sounds like a satisfying package.

4. Soft and Jiggly Uji Matcha Jelly (299 yen)

This dessert is a feast of green tea goodness in soft jelly form, topped with a chestnut and sweet red bean paste.  The texture of the jelly as it jiggles in your mouth should be a delight!

So, do the matcha treats capture your fancy? If they do, you can try them at Gusto locations across Japan until May 15 (served each day from 10:30 a.m.), so if you want to get your fill of green tea without breaking your wallet, don’t miss this chance!

Source: PR Times, Gusto 
Top image: Gusto
Insert images: Gusto
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