While many Japanese people might not get “American jokes,” they do seem to be enjoying some certain English memes. For example, “The Little Test That Blows Your Mind,” which recently reappeared online, was translated and posted to a Japanese website, garnering over 1,500 comments.

If you’ve already taken the test, you’ll definitely want to see how your answer stacks up against these Japanese commenters. And if you haven’t taken the test yet, be sure to give it a try!

First, here’s the test. It requires a little bit of math on your part, but nothing too difficult. Give it a try and see how you do! If the image is too small, you can click it for a full-size version. And if you’d prefer to read it in Japanese, you can find the translated version here.


So, how’s your mind? Are you one of the 98 percent of “normal humans”–or are you part of the freaky two percent? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone! But, uh, we’ll just need to make a quick phone call…

Actually, your author has to admit that his response was only half abnormal. All that white text made me think of a white hammer! Which leads me to wonder if maybe this isn’t the most scientific test ever…

So, how did Japanese commenters do?

“I thought of a yellow screwdriver. Looking at the other comments here, I’m not alone.”

“I thought of a red and blue nail puller.” [It’s supposed to be only one color! Jeez!]

“I imagined red needle-nose pliers.”

“Blue flathead screwdriver.”

“For me, it was a red screwdriver–a Phillips.”

“I had red pliers. Just looking at all these comments, we could get some pretty good statistics though!”

“Since it said ‘one color,’ I assumed it meant the whole thing was one color, so I imagined a silver wrench. I don’t mind being one of the abnormal people, but if it had said a color for the handle and a color for the metal portion, I feel like I would have given a different answer. Well, even then, I would have thought of a black-handled Phillips screwdriver (I have one at home), so I guess I really am abnormal!”

“Red flathead screwdriver.”

“I had a blue electric drill.”

“Pink wire cutters. That’s kind of red, right?”

Obviously, this is a terribly small sampling of the one-and-a-half thousand responses, but the percentage of people who answered “red hammer” was nowhere near 98 percent. Some Japanese commenters wondered if this only works on native English speakers, but a glance at the comments for the English on the Meta Picture shows nearly zero red hammers. It’s almost as if the claims were greatly exaggerated!

So, readers, how did you do on the test? We’re sure everyone who reads RocketNews24 is completely normal, but we will love you no matter how you answered!

Sources/images: The Meta Picture, Karapaia