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The social messaging service Line is a huge hit in Japan. It’s easy to use, free, and even lets you decorate your messages with stickers to add a personal touch.

All of this makes Line great for keeping in touch with your friends or dating partner. As a matter of fact, it might have just become a little too good at keeping you connected to your significant other, with a new set of stickers specially designed for clingy girlfriends.

Officially titled Pay More Attention to Me!, the set of 40 illustrations was created by artist Moriko Mori and sells for just 100 yen (US$0.98) right here on the Line Store.

Mori says the theme of the collection is “Pressure your boyfriend when he doesn’t write back.” And no, this isn’t a case of cultural differences between Japan and other countries, since the artist encourages purchasers to use the drawings to “gain a reputation as being clingy and annoying.”

Despite that harsh goal, some of the pictures are actually kind of sweet. There’s nothing particularly irksome about the girlfriend waving hello with a warm smile, or raising her arms in joy, which we assume you’re supposed to use when your boyfriend messages you back.

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There are others cute selections too, like one which shows the girl so lonely she’s hugging her pillow, or another where she’s rubbing her eyes, presumably because she can’t sleep until her special guy says goodnight to her via Line.

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She’s not quite so endearing when she starts to lose control of her emotions, though, and starts bawling or quivering with rage.

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Things start getting a little passive aggressive, too, with a withering look and a wave that doesn’t say “Hi! How ya doin’?” so much as “Umm…hello? Anybody there?”

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Even more indirect pressure is available with illustrations of the girl looking at her phone in puzzlement, remarking, “Hmm…that’s strange,” at the lack of a response. Or, if you think silence speaks volumes, you could slap on a sticker of her just sitting and staring at the phone or clock with only the bare minimum of feigned patience.

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If those passive aggressive pictures above aren’t doing the trick, you can step up to being regular aggressive, with messages that say “I’m still waiting for your response, you know,” and “I can tell you already read my message…”

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Or, you could get even more in his face by asking “Come on already, what’re you doing?” and “Just who are you with right now?”

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At this point, we’d say you’re getting close to crossing the line between a firm request for a speedy response and plain old stalking. Don’t worry though, Mori’s set of illustrations has you covered on that front too.

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Because if you can’t get someone to write back to you, you may as well plant a seed of unsettling fear in his mind that you’re always watching him.

Source: Jin
Top image: Twitter
Insert images: Line Store