Do you love Hello Kitty? Of course, you do! Everybody does! But have you ever wanted to be as cute and adorable as Hello Kitty? If so, we have some excellent news for you: Sanrio recently unveiled a website that you can use to automatically make yourself a Sanrio character! It’s cute and easy, our two favorite things.

The Chanrio Maker site is actually part of a campaign for Sanrio Puroland, Sanrio’s theme park where you can meet Hello Kitty and her boyfriend. While Puroland is not quite on the same scale as something like Tokyo Disney Land, they do have a parade, and that’s where Chanrio Maker comes in!

After you making yourself into an adorable 2-D character, you can go to Puroland and see yourself walk in their virtual parade! But first you need to chanrio yourself, so let’s get started!

The process is pretty easy, and there are English translations for almost everything, but just in case, we made this handy guide for you.

▼ Here’s the Chanrio Maker top page. Click the red button that says start.


▼ Even Hello Kitty makes you agree to terms and conditions (click the red button)!


Now, you have two options: Use a photo to generate an image or just make one by selecting parts. Using a photo just seems more fun, so that’s what we’ll do, but you can edit the automatically generated image at the end. Click the blue “Photo mode” button.


If you’re using a smartphone, you can take a photo directly, but if you’re on a computer you’ll probably be prompted to select a saved photos. Here’s the one we used.

▼ Possessed by the spirit of Kitty!


▼ Enter your name in the name box and click the upload button.


Chanrio asked if I am a boy, which I am, so I clicked yes. However, when I tried this on my smartphone, it asked if I was a girl instead. I’m not sure why, but it’s probably the hair. In case you’re asked and you’re having a hard time remembering the kanji, 男の子 is boy and 女の子 is girl.


▼ Edit your character to your heart’s content and then click the “OK” button.


▼ It will ask for your confirmation before continuing.


▼ And you’re done chanrioing yourself! Click download to do just that!


▼ Aw! Aren’t I just as cute as a button?


In addition to downloading your chanrio character, there are a few other things you can do. The first is bookmark the page, which they highly recommend. If you think you’ll want to change your chanrio self, such as putting on some new clothes or changing your hair color, you’ll need the bookmark. To make any edits, just open the bookmarked paged and click the “Change” button. You can also share the Chanrio Maker page on Facebook or Twitter. And, finally, you can get a QR code — which you should definitely do if you’re going to Puroland soon!


If you have the QR code when you go to Puroland, you can have your chanrio character participate in the virtual parade. It looks like this will only last until the end of August, so you’ll want to hurry. Also, only 30 people are allowed at a time, so don’t bring too many friends! In addition to the parade, you can get a chanrio card, which comes with your name and an illustration of your chanrio character, at Puroland too.


We hope you had fun making your chanrio! Be sure to share them in the comments. Even if we can’t all go to Puroland, we can still have a virtual chanrio parade right here!

Sources/images: Chanrio Maker