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Red Bull has long been the official drink of all things EXTREME!

But, if you’re anything like us, you’ve occasionally found yourself in the middle of a sick skydiving 360-degree kickflip while firing an assault rifle and been underwhelmed by the ability of the chemical, vaguely fruit-like taste of standard Red Bull to whet your whistle.

“If only there was grape-flavored Red Bull so I could be EXTREME without compromising taste,” you maybe thought to yourself. Luckily, in Japan anyway, Red Bull’s got your covered.

The oddly named Red Bull Blue Edition is a Japan-exclusive canned beverage with all the normal caffeine of a Red Bull, but in a refreshing grape flavor.

This new drink is set to go on sale in early October at Japanese convenience stores and other retailers, so an actual taste test will unfortunately have to wait (we were apparently not EXTREME enough to qualify for press samples).

Red Bull has generally been well-received in Japan, with the European beverage enjoying a majority market share of “energy drinks.” The manufacturer, additionally, appears to use Japan as a sort of test market for new flavors. Last year, the manufacturer introduced a special blueberry flavor to Japan.

Source: Cycle via Jin
Image: Cycle