It’s not easy out there for people with weight issues when even fictional monsters are criticized for being too pudgy. But a popular Japanese Twitter user with more than 45,000 followers is pushing back on society’s fat-shaming and telling the world how great life is when Ramen Jiro is your “afternoon snack.”

E_Debu, who says he is “the fatty who has a high consciousness,” has been musing on his observations about life as a big person. He enlightens his online audience on some of the hardships as well as the benefits of coming in a larger size. Click below to read 25 thought-provoking observations from one of the most popular “fatties” on the Internet.

Part of E_Debu’s appeal seems to be the fact that he is not only embracing his body shape, but turning the tables on those who try to convince him that a good life can only be obtained by the skinny. He often uses the Japanese slang term for fat, debu, and calls out gari, or skinny, people for their lack of compassion or understanding for overweight peers.

1. I’d really appreciate it if people wouldn’t tell their friends on the phone “It’ll be easy to see where I am since I’m standing next to the huge fatty.”

2. It’s easy to lose weight. But I’m always asking myself if that’s a good thing.

3. Fat people can be attractive, but there’s so much negativity making us feel unattractive. Be confident! Be a proud fatty!

4. I know that people die of obesity, but I’m honestly happy to be me.

5. If you eat too much, the worse thing is that you might get fat? So what are you scared of?

6. If you eat too much like an idiot, you’ll get fat. But if the only way to lose weight is to stop eating…then that’s not for me.

7. I always hear that fat people sweat too much, always smell, raise the temperature in a room just by our enormous size and nasty breath, are disgusting, etc. Please hear me…I am truly sorry for being such a burden on all of you!

8. Fat (脂肪)  and ambition (志望) sound the same in Japanese (shibou). It’s up to you to decide which is which.

9. There’s an infinite number of sizes between being “skinny” and being “fat.”

10. “You’re funny, but fat.” “You’re fat, but funny”. Using the same words in different ways can really change the meaning.

11. There is always someone fatter or skinnier than you.

But it’s not all social commentary on the ideal body shape. E_Debu reminds his followers that there are some great things about being big and to take pride in being your big, fabulous self. Just because you’re heavy doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, and these tweets are to remind the “skinny world” that big people can make much better jokes about themselves.

12. If I lost weight, I’d be way too attractive, so I’ll keep on being fat.

13. Dieting like a maniac for summer? Good luck when it starts to get cold. You won’t last the winter.

14 You think you’re fat? Don’t make me laugh. You’re merely a slightly overweight child in the world of the skinny. I’m obese even in the realm of the fatties.

15. Going from L to XL? Sir, you are leveling up.

16. I love rainy days since I can say “that’s just the rain” when I’m sweating.

17. I used an analog scale earlier and the needle spun all the way around until my “weight” was the same as I was in grade school. This must be that cycle of life Buddhists are always talking about.

18. My liver isn’t just fat, it’s foie gras.

19. I’m not doing Lamaze, this is just how I breathe.

20. It’s often said that you eat to sustain yourself. But that’s all wrong. We fatties eat to sustain ourselves so then we can eat.

21. You may say that I’m full, but I say that I’m just on my way to being hungry again.

22. Fame, honor or status doesn’t matter as long as there is freshly cooked rice.

23. I may not be able to earn 1 million yen a second like some people, but I’m very confident in saying I can easily down a katsu-don in a second.

24. I don’t wear perfume or cologne, but if they start selling ones with the smell of freshly cooked rice or baked bread, I might consider it.

25. Not just gluttons get fat. But if you’re fat you might as well be a glutton!

While nutritionists and health advocates may shudder at this semi-celebration of obesity, it’s hard to ignore some of powerful messages E_Debu is conveying about the cruelty of words and the shame he’s been made to feel.

Let us know in the comments section below what you thought of “the fatty who has a high consciousness” and which tweets made you laugh and which ones made you think!

Feature Image: Facebook (debulog)
Source: Twitter (E_Debu) via CuRAZY