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Big-bust apparel project raises big bucks.

Earlier this week, Feast, Japan’s most prominent provider of lingerie for women with petite busts, rolled out its latest line of intimate apparel. Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the spectrum, Heart Closet, a newly formed fashion brand dedicated to serving the needs of large-breasted women, flew far past its capital-raising goal on Japanese crowdfunding site EnjiNE.

Heart Closet’s director Mizuki Kurosawa says she was inspired to launch the project by her years of struggling to find clothing that would properly fit her H-cup chest. As with many amply endowed women, Kurosawa says that commercially available options that fit her shoulders and waist would often be too snug to properly button, or not have enough material to properly cover her navel. On the other hand, larger sizes that accommodated her chest would be unfashionably baggy on the rest of her body.

▼ An example of an ill-fitting shirt on a large-breasted woman

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Heart Closet aims to solve these problems by tailoring its clothing to a more top-heavy frame. As highlighted in the photo below, extra material is used in the chest area to provide comfort and a neat, tidy look.

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Other clever design elements include a pair of inner buttons that keep the shirt’s opening from wrinkling, plus shirts being cut longer in the front, so as to keep the wearer’s belly button covered or the garment tucked in.

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Along with a button-up shirt, Heart Closet is also offering a jacket, which is also cut to flatter a large-breasted figure.

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The project was seeking a modest 300,000 yen (US$2,910) to fund the development and production of an initial batch of shirts and jackets. As of this writing, though, it’s raised over 1,580,000 yen, more than five times its target, and the campaign still has 33 days to go.

If you’d like to have a few items from Heart Closet hanging in your closet, its crowdfunding page can be found here, with reward tiers including a shirt starting at 12,500 yen, and those with jackets from 25,000 yen.

Source: Hachima Kiko
Top image: ENjiNE
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