Deluxe Box

Bandai is giving otaku (especially of the fourth category) all over Japan yet another reason to be grateful. The mother of all toy, video game and anime distributors is introducing their new figure storage service. That’s right, if your living space looks like an anime convention storage locker, Bandai’s got your back.

For a small monthly fee, you can now store your goodies by the box, which means you no longer have to sleep with your beloved figures in your bed—that is, unless, you choose to.

While ideas about dating an otaku are changing, many partners would still balk if confronted with this sight on their first foray into your bedroom. Just imagine this inside of one of Japan’s notoriously tiny apartments and you can certainly see why Bandai’s new Tamashii Garage is actually a very good idea.

▼ Yeah, that looks perfectly earthquake-proof!


Bandai’s new service will help you pare down your figure fort to something a little more manageable without giving up any of your precious pieces.

▼ Look, they’re so happy to be out of their boxes… and pants!


All you have to do is pack your figures away in the special postage-free boxes provided by Tamashii Garage and send them off. This is great for hikikomori, as it does not even require leaving the house!

Depending on the size of the box and how long you plan to store your figures, the service will only cost between 300 and 600 yen (US$2.94-5.88) a month per box. They are offering up to three free standard-sized boxes until June 10 in order to entice new customers.

▼ The standard-sized boxes can hold up to 30 figures—that’s only 10 yen a month for each figure!


▼ With the deluxe course, the box is more than twice the size of the standard one and is estimated to hold up to 60 figures.


They will be lovingly stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled facility with multiple security features, so you know they will be in the same condition when you’re ready to bring them home again (or sell them, if you don’t really love them). However, putting them in storage doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your favorite toys collectibles completely. Once your package arrives at the storage facility, the staff unpacks your box and photographs each piece individually. You can also choose whether the items are unboxed before being photographed, so you don’t have to worry about a loss in value.

▼ Make love to the camera! Vogue, baby, vogue!


The photos are then uploaded to your profile so you can sign on at any time to check up on your PVC pets.

▼ Squee!


▼ With a smartphone, you can carry them around in your pocket. Hey buddy!


The best part is that it gives you more space to buy and display more lovely little treasures for your otaku paradise, thereby leveling up your otaku coefficient. (That’s a good thing, right?)

But, honestly, if you’re buying stuff only to then send it somewhere else because you have no room, maybe you’ve just, you know, got too much stuff?

Source: IT Media
Images: Tamashii Garage, Flickr (1, 2)