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Just because you love cats’ free-spirited nature doesn’t mean you have to put up with a messy apartment.

In their heart of hearts, a lot of people have such a soft spot for cats that they’d like to own more than one. This can present a bit of a problem, though, in that the more space in your home you dedicate to your feline pets, the less you have for your material possessions.

But there’s a possible compromise from Felissimo, Japan’s most prodigious online retailer of cat-themed clothing and knickknacks.

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Felissimo’s marketing team isn’t one to shy away from lengthy product names, and the full name of these plywood storage boxes is “If you Collect them they’re Cat Shelves, Diligently Store for Favorite Things, Palm-Sized Cat Drawers” (Atsumareba Nyan Sherufu Okiniiri wo Kotsu Kotsu Shimau Tenori Saizu no Nyan Dorawa in Japanese). The long-winded moniker is off to a flying start on its way to a thousand words, but Felissimo nevertheless offers plenty of pictures to help prove how cute they are.

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Their compact size means that even if you don’t have space for a whole litter of these kittens, you can probably find a spot for one or two on your study or work desk. As with many of Felissimo’s products, a different design if offered each month, so there’s an element of suspense as to exactly which kitty box will come to your home. At just 926 yen (US$7.70), though, it’s a fairly affordable roll of the dice.

▼ Should that low price point have you feeling tempted to buy in bulk, Felissimo’s website allows for orders of up to 99 units at a time.

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And if having so many eyes on you has you feeling a little self-conscious, you can always turn your feline furnishings around and admire their tiny little tails.

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If you’re interested in purchasing some If you Collect them they’re Cat Shelves, Diligently Store for Favorite Things, Palm-Sized Cat Drawers, but are feeling daunted by the prospect of plugging that entire name into a search engine, we’ll save you the trouble: their Felissimo order page is right here.

Source: Felissimo
Images: Felissimo (edited by RocketNews24)