Fed up with the overly broad usage of the word ‘otaku’, one Japanese Twitterer decided to divide otaku up into six different categories with varying levels and types of obsession. From the humble fan to the god of nerds, where do you fit in?

1. ‘Contents’ supporter

The word ‘contents’ is used in Japanese to refer to merchandise.

You collect the derivatives of your favourite works such as official novelizations, manga, and DVDs. In other words, you are a ‘fan’.


2. ‘Flat’ supporter

You watch or read what’s recommended, and enjoy it. But that’s it.

3. Event participant

Always in the pursuit of moe! You can be found at fan events, and online at Pixiv (Japanese online community for artists).

The original works are just a starting point for you. You’re part of the rampant doujinshi (fan comics) culture, and other otaku might think you’re living on a different planet.


4. Poster and figure collector

You have the most otaku-ish room. You prioritize visual fun, and you probably have no clue where half of the characters you’ve collected come from.


5. Devoted to anime, manga and games

You love the whole otaku culture! You’re always looking for the next great thing to get obsessed with.

6. Everything

You’re the economic god who supports the industry. We bow down before your stratospheric spending power.


▼ Here’s the original chart made by Twitter user @tadano_chan.


So which category do you belong to? Personally I’m probably a mix of 1 and 5, with a little bit of 3 thrown in!

Source: Jin115
Head Image: ilolamai
Insert Images: Wikipedia Asian Beat, Ignite Me