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Forget Christmas, tis the season for all things Star Wars! In Japan, convenience store chain 7-Eleven is leading you on a quest for new Star Wars merchandise.

There is no limit to the universe of Star Wars memorabilia. With the newest movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, less than a month away, everyone is rollig out new products with the same fervor as Ewoks preparing for battle. Ichiban-Kuji and 7-Eleven are teaming up to give customers a chance at winning a number of great looking Star Wars items that you are likely to find only in Japan.

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When making a purchase at 7-Eleven, you can ask the cashier for one of the Ichiban-Kuji tickets for 620 yen (US$5). Every ticket will win you a prize at random, but you’re stuck with whatever prize the ticket you pull from the box awards you. Hopefully with a little influence from the Force, you’ll be on your way to a warm, hearty winter meal, thanks to the R2-D2 hot pot. However, if you don’t command the Force, you’ll have to rely on a bit of luck because the cooler, more awesome prizes are ranked alphabetically higher and the chances of winning them are like a human winning a Podrace on Tatooine (almost never).

▼ Storage container for small things, like pencils, gum, or a can of coffee!

prize 1

▼ The R2-D2 hot pot. It cooks as many dishes as the little droid has nifty tools.

prize 8

▼ Storm Trooper set commanded by Darth Vader. Let the battles begin!

prize 6

▼ Special posters. We sense a distinct lack of prequels in these two options.

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▼ Darth Vader and Storm Trooper hooded blankets. Feel the dark side wrapped around you.

prize 4

▼ Lightsaber towel and towel case. You can safely wear this sword on your belt.

prize 3

▼ “Visual sheets.” Three different types to decorate your desk with.

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▼ 11-centimeter (4.3-inch) drinking glasses. Hey, Storm Troopers, aren’t you a little short for those?

prize 5_1

▼ Figure charms. Four different charms for lots of fun.

prize 7

There are a number of fantastic items, but we have to say that R2-D2 hot pot is by far the most amazing item you could win. It’s a piece of kitchenware that is going to catch anyone’s attention, whether or not they’re a fan of the series. Looks like we’ll be heading to 7-Eleven this month and spending all our money winning it, because as Master Yoda says, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

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Pro-tip: for those who might be averse to gambling like Lando, you can always wait until the promotion is over and head to your local secondhand store to pick up the exact item that you want. It will most likely cost you more than one ticket, but in the long run, you’ll probably end up spending less money.

Source: Kinisoku
Images: Ichiban-Kuji