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Plastic modelers revel in the realism; they build their models and then painstakingly paint and alter them to look like the real thing in miniature scale. It takes a keen eye to blend just the right kinds of paint to achieve that dinged up metal look of a vehicle that’s been through real combat. And the right accessories will transform plastic toys into a scene of army veterans hard at work.

Model kits like to include little extras like shelves, tools and other related things you would expect to find. But sometimes the kits include an extra that seems so out-of-place that you call up the company to figure out if they made some sort of mistake. You’ll never guess what was included in this plastic model kit for a German ammo-loading crew from Tamiya. The answer is going to be meowtastic.

One Twitter user @arakichi1969 bought a Tamiya kit of a German tank ammo-loading crew. It says right on the box, “crew“, so you probably have an idea of what to expect. Some people who carry stuff, some ammo, maybe some storage racks and boxes to finish off the scene. Little did he realize that the picture on the box would actually detail exactly what was inside.

▼”…There’s a foreign object that was mixed in with the German Tank Loading Crew.”

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Why that looks like a fluffy white Persian cat! What the heck are you doing in there? The inclusion perplexed @arakichi1969 user so much that he took to the Internet to share his find.

People were quick to support the surprise cat.

“Cat be real!”
“You have to collect it immediately! And it’s ok if you send them all to me.”
“You have to buy this before they pull it from the shelves!”
“This is great.”
“It’s not the cat that’s out of place, it’s the army tank.”

Is Tamiya running a special Willy Wonka-esque giveaway? “Buy our plastic model kits, find a surprise inside!” That might be the case, but if you take a closer look at the picture on the box, you will see a furry little friend on top of the ammo boxes. And if you look really closely, it appears to be in the same pose as the cat inside the box!

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When it comes to Tamiya plastic models, we guess you can really trust the picture on the box as all displayed items might be included inside! Better get to your local hobby shop and browse the Tamiya sets to see if you can find some other hilariously out-of-place additions to sets. Personally, we are hoping for more cats. Your move Tamiya, make it happen!

Source: Hamsoku
Images: Twitter, Amazon